Local Weekend MTB NeuroAdventure – 8/5/18

Saturday began with a typical but still exhilarating ride in Laguna with some of the weekend crew, and this time Ken, Clinkie and Hao showed up around 7am to try and beat the impending heat. Took the easy route from the Aliso side up to Top of the World, with a misty overcast marine layer keeping things a bit cooler but more humid, then descended into Laguna Canyon on the moderately technical (i.e. – steep and rocky) Telonics trail. Good fun. From there, we slogged up the mile-long Willow Canyon fireroad in the rising heat as the fog lifted. Up top is where things got interesting. Ken and Craig chose a trail that shall remain nameless, and both were game to try the new Cactus Gap. Ken JRA’d it (Just Riding Along – when you hit a stunt without looking at it first), and was hiking back up with a big grin after his successful launch. So I of course offered to document the effort, and that inspired Clinkie decided to have a go, as well.  They both hiked a ways back up the trail to get enough speed to send it properly. Speed is essential to clear a 12 foot gap jump with serious consequences for coming up short, but ironically, Ken overshot the landing on his first go around, and, as shown below, dialed in his speed and loft perfectly for the next attempt:


Craig went next, and came up a tad bit short, slamming his back wheel on the front of the landing (also known as “casing it”), but managed to ride out of it unscathed. Whew!


And that gets to the next topic. Hao and I were perfectly content to watch (and document) this particular feature. Everyone who participates in adrenaline sports needs to know their limits. Push past them gradually, incrementally, when you feel up to it, but go beyond that and you will definitely cut your adrenaline sport lifespan short. With big stunts like these, sometimes even the very best end up getting airlifted out, breaking multiple bones in a single crash, fracturing vertebrae, blowing up spleens, or worse… So since I want to keep doing these things, as I stare down the end of my fifties and look forward to beginning my seventh decade on this planet, I have to carefully decide when to go and when to say no.

So far, so good…

And that’s the goal of the NeuroAdventures life going forward: Push just far enough on the norephinephrine pathway to keep it real. Enjoy the myriad other pathways that come along with it. And I’m hoping, as I roll into my eighth decade on the planet ten years hence, we’re still talking about the next NeuroAdventures we will take…




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