Local Rides: Standard WhiLu – 8/4/18

Yesterday, we hit the classic FriWhiLu and I registered my 14th fastest out of 118 efforts on Strava for the “Luge DH from flag” segment.


Not bad, but nothing to write home about (or post about…;-). The other trails — Cactus, Sage Scrub, Cow Trail, Live Oak, etc. inside Whiting Ranch — were their usual fun selves, with just enough speed to pump up the norepinephrine levels a tad. The standard 60 to 90 minutes of climbing also got the endorphin and endocannabinoid/anandamide levels elevated a bit. And the beautiful riparian forest sections and mountain-to-sea views most likely increased the serotonin flow. So, all-in-all, a pretty typical morning at a pretty typical place. In other words, pretty typically AWESOME!

It’s hard to believe such amazing opportunities for adventure exist out here, accessible to millions, yet so few take advantage of them as a normal daily activity. Sort of blows my mind, really… But, that’s fine, my MTB tribe(s) and I will just continue to make these places our private playgrounds for mid-week and weekend adventures. And that is how I want to end this post, by giving a shout-out to a few members of the local tribes, and the real highlight of this ride:

FriWhiLu Crew - 8/3/18

From left to right, Vermy, Jesse, Clinkie, me, BRD (Big Red Dog) — a solid crew of (mostly) Friday regulars. Happy to have Clinkie join the FriWhiLu mid-week group, since he’s normally a member of the weekend tribe. All definitely the type of people you want to have along, cheering you on for the tough sections, and willing to help out in any way possible if/when bad shit happens, which it sometimes does, sometimes many miles from the nearest paved road.

So let’s end with the highly-underrated oxytocin aspect of the adventure sports world. While we all love the challenge of a good solo adventure, and probably half my rides and nearly all my surf sessions are of this variety, the camaraderie and support that a group of like-minded fanatics engenders is the light that burns brightest and longest.

Hope this post inspires others to find your ride, find your tribe, and get outside…



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