2019 – A New Chapter…

Heading back into NeuroAdventures mode to end the year, and kicking off 2019 by merging with Retirement Xtreme. Basically, Retirement Xtreme will be the “Channel” and NeuroAdventures are the episodes. That’s what Retirement Xtreme is: a linked set of NeuroAdventures, in an attempt to make this go-around on the planet the most insanely breath-taking and beautiful one it can be. And that’s what the channel is here to capture, if possible. Hard to show some of the more sublime and occasionally ethereal moments — sort of a “you had to be there” kinda thing… But we’ll try!

Next up: Galapagos – 1/2/19 to 1/16/19

The place where Darwin first formulated his ideas. Ideas that changed the world forever.

May also be a place to catch a wave or two. We’ll see… Forecast is looking a bit lean at the moment. But as a minimum, it should be fun to swim with sea lions, dive with hammerhead sharks, check out marine iguanas in the tidepools, and maybe get a few selfies with some 400lb Galapagos tortoises.

We’ll post some photos and videos as we get them. In the meantime, here’s the latest/greatest NeuroAdventures schedule for 2019 and beyond… (green are completed, yellow are committed — flights booked!! — and the rest are penciled in for now…)


So, hopefully this will inspire others to launch into their own NeuroAdventures. And if you’ve been following any of the videos published on the Retirement Xtreme YouTube channel, you would see that NeuroAdventures are available close to home, too.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to many NeuroAdventures together in 2019 and beyond.


2 thoughts on “2019 – A New Chapter…

  1. See you are planning to ski in Italy in February. I’m in Courmayeur 26th Jan for a week if there is any way to overlap, there might be a spare bed.


    1. Close! But not quite an overlap… I check into a B&B near Gresonney on 7th Feb, which looks like a few days late. Looks like the B&B is about an hour from Courmayeur by car. Want to add a few extra days to your trip for skiing Gresonney?? 😉


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