NeuroAdventures 8/11/18 – Tahoe Day 3: Monument Pass (Video!)

More mountain biking around Lake Tahoe for Stop #1 of the NeuroAdventures World Tour! We all first climbed a steep-ass fireroad for a few miles, then Erik and Clinkie stopped there and went down Cold Creek straight away. DT and I continued with a 2.7 mile hike-a-bike on Monument Pass Trail to Tahoe Rim Trail. Stopped for a few shots along the way:






Turnaround point, at the intersection with Tahoe Rim Trail:


DT and I then threaded our way back down what we’d just ridden/pushed/carried up. At the intersection, we continued with Cold Creek DH, as well, but long after the others had finished up.

Glad we had a smooth flow ride yesterday to start. Today’s initial down got a bit more… intense, with rock gardens and staircase switchbacks that demanded 100% attention to detail — or payment in granite damage (as shown in the video). Lower half of Monument got faster. Fun to let it out a little thru there. Cold Creek was fast and fun, too, but you’ll have to take my word for it, rather than watch a smudgy video… (Note to self: check lens for spots/smudges at each stop!)

I’m going to award this one a Dopamine Rating of 9, for another day of stunning views (serotonin) and long climbs (endorphin+anandamide). But the norepinephrine level topped out a bit higher than yesterday. Upper Monument took a lot of focus. And chilling out with the whole crew down the mountain later was awesome (oxytocin factor).

Good one; 9’s are rare…

Oh ya, here’s the video:


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