Tahoe Road Trip – Day 2 (8/10/18) with a Video!

Put together a POV video of our group ride on the second day of the trip around Lake Tahoe, Stop #1 of the NeuroAdventures World Tour!

To start things off, we climbed for 3000 vertical feet to 9750′. As luck would have it, the smoke and haze from nearby fires cleared substantially from the day before, so we were rewarded with some nice views at the top.


We then turned around and enjoyed a long descent on three separate trails – Tahoe Rim Trail, Armstrong, and Corral (Upper and Lower). All were fun and with varied terrain, from open face alpine traverse to tight/twisty pine forest to rocky staircases to flowing berms and tabletop jumps. Here’s a link to the highlights of over 7 miles and 90+ minutes of 100% singletrack downhill (when you have about 20 minutes to spare):

I’m going to award this one a Dopamine Rating of 8, based on the views (serotonin), long climbs (endorphin+anandamide), fun descents (adrenaline/norepinephrine) and camaraderie with friends old and new (oxytocin). This will be a tough act to follow, since an 8 is really frikkin’ good! But let’s see what the next few days can deliver.

Happy NeuroAdventures to you!


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