8/6/18 – More Local Stuff: Another Creek Paddle…

…but this time I brought the GoPro along. No epic rides on monster waves, no harrowing stories of near-attacks by great whites, not much that anyone would really call super eventful, TBH. But it was still a pleasant way to get in shape for upcoming (and hopefully epic) surf trips as part of the NeuroAdventures World Tour, and it seemed like a better idea than hitting the gym or swimming 100 laps in a pool somewhere. And the strange thing to me is that it is something anyone with the time and energy to hit the gym or pool could do outside, instead, but I was the only one out there doing it. Not that I have anything against people hitting the gym. Any exercise is way better than no exercise. And time constraints can obviously play a factor. But, as a lifelong NeuroAdventurer, it seems that adding the serotonin boost of an outdoor experience and the norepinephrine hit from an adventure sport to the very worthy endorphin reward of a good workout seems like a no brainer… Oh, well. On to the video.

The full name of the video is “Up Salt Creek (with a Long Paddle).” Hope people don’t mind the tongue-in-cheek title. But that sort of describes it, as well, since I started at Middles break of Salt Creek, then paddled a mile up north to Heroin’s Point (aka – Shell Beach), a secluded strip of rock and sand on the far side of Monarch Bay.

This is probably a Dopamine Rating of +3 or 4, mainly for the nice serotonin release from the sublime beauty of this secluded area, combined with a healthy dose of endorphin/anandamide from the 2 miles and hour+ of steady paddling. A few fun waves and some deliberate maneuvering between rocky swirls off the coast at Heroin’s Point provided a tiny hit of adrenaline/norepinephrine here and there, too, but not enough to significantly raise the score above a +4. Still, it beats hitting the gym! And the memories of fun waves at Middles and crystal waters, empty sand beach, and curious sea lions up at Heroin’s has me looking forward to the next visit. Hope to see you there one of these days!


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