7/29/18 – Final Weekend Ride…

…before becoming a full-time NeuroAdventurer! This was a Sunday cruiser with Clinkie that started off with a couple of steeps near his house: Edge-n-Ledge (in the video) and Centipede (fun! may film that one on a future ride). From there, it was onto various XC singletracks in the Tijeras Creek area. Will post another short video of the highlights from those trails, hopefully later today…

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Ok, got the second part of the video done.

This is a continuation of the Edge-n-Ledge ride shown in the video above. Much more mellow, though… Sometimes fun XC singletrack through the woods is a nice break from steeps and rocks. Main trail is called Ripper, then we strung together random trails along Tijeras Creek on the way back to Laguna Niguel. Also tried to film Waterworks, but had apparently changed the settings to “Photo” instead of “Video,” so only got a silly shot or two of my handlebars and the ground…

Oh, well, fun ride anyway, so enjoy the Ripper!

Oh, yeah, I would give this portion of the ride a Dopamine Rating of +3 (Not bad! Decent serotonin and endorphin opportunities), and the first portion a +5 (with Edge-n-Ledge and Centipede upping the norepinephrine levels nicely), so a combined rating of +4.


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